Re-Elect Lisa Garramone for Nolensville Commissioner

Experienced Leadership for Nolensville's Future

I'm Commissioner Lisa Garramone- and I'm ready to lead Nolensville for the next four years by continuing the work I've already begun. With a focus on improving traffic flow, thoughtfully managing town growth, and increasing public safety- my track record speaks for itself. 

I'm asking for your vote on November 8.

My Priorities

There are numerous issues facing our growing town. While we can't solve them all at once, we can make progress by prioritizing the most important ones. Here are the main priorities I focused on during my first term, and will continue to focus on during my second term:

Traffic Flow Improvements

We all know how hard it can be to turn left on Nolensville Road- or how overwhelming school traffic can be at times. We've begun working toward adding a dedicated turning lane to most of Nolensville road, as well as other traffic improvement measures. I'd like to continue that work into my second term.

Managed Growth

We all know growth is inevitable. My goal is not to stop growth- there's a reason so many people want to move to our wonderful town. My goal is to continue to partner with the town to find ways to manage the growth, so that infrastructure is not further strained, and a property tax increase is not necessary. 

Public Safety

Even before I was elected to the Board of Commissioners, I worked with the Town to install traffic calming measures on several key roads in Nolensville, and in my first term I continued that work to expand public safety in other areas. Thanks to the hard work of many folks in Nolensville, we now have lower speed limits, speed humps, and crosswalks installed in many of the most-needed areas of town. But there's much work left to be done...

Collaboration with You

In my professional career, and my time as Nolensville Commissioner, I work hard to collaborate with people representing many different viewpoints. No decision is as simple as black or white; and while there may not always be a perfect solution to every problem- I believe in seeking input from many different sources and working to make the best decisions for as many people as possible.

About Lisa Garramone

Commissioner Lisa Garramone was born in West Tennessee and moved to Middle Tennessee in 1994. She earned both her undergraduate degree and Master of Accountancy degree at Belmont University. Currently, she works as a Lean and Strategy Consultant supporting the Information Services team at Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation. She has led global teams at Caterpillar as well. Prior to her time at Caterpillar, she spent 16 years in operations with Starbucks Coffee Corporation.

Commissioner Garramone is an active member of the Nolensville and Middle Tennessee community. She volunteered for the Economic Development Committee in 2019 in Nolensville and served until she was elected to the board of commissioners in 2020. She volunteered with the Together Nolensville team for the March for Equality in 2020. She volunteers regularly at Caterpillar through their United Way partnership. She served as a mentor for students at Belmont University through their Purpose Mentorship program in 2021-2022. Additionally, she has served on multiple employee resource groups within both Caterpillar and Starbucks to enhance diversity and inclusion (she started three of these groups from the ground up).

Commissioner Garramone is active in her church at Mother Teresa Catholic Church currently serving on the Building Committee and serving in various other ways. When her daughters were younger she served as team parent for their gymnastics and dance teams. Commissioner Garramone is a resident of Summerlyn with her husband William, two daughters Megan and Madison, cat Murray, and dog Mina.



Nolensville Resident - Benington
"During Lisa’s tenure on the Nolensville Board of Commissioners, she has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the citizens of Nolensville by listening to their feedback and striving to act to make the community a better place to live. She exemplifies stellar communication, policy knowledge, and is very relatable to her constituents."


Nolensville Resident
"You will have a hard time finding another person who cares as much about the future of Nolensville as Lisa Garramone does. She’s one of the most selfless people that I have ever met. Always dedicating herself to helping others and putting their needs before her own. I support Lisa Garramone as not just a great friend, but also for her re-election as Nolensville Town Commissioner."


Nolensville Resident, Planning Commission Member
"I’m excited to see that Lisa Garramone is running for re-election to the Nolensville Town Commission. I appreciate her professionalism and leadership for the town of Nolensville because she leads with an authentic desire to elevate Nolensville. It is apparent that she cares for our town, the citizens who live here, and our growth opportunities."


Nolensville Resident, Trees and Trails Committee Member
"Lisa has been one of the most responsive Board of Commissioner members. Her responses are immediate and helpful. During her first term as a BOC member, her response rate has been 100%!"


Nolensville Resident
"I support Lisa for her thorough thought process, honesty, ability to be neutral, willingness to consider other ideas, and her overall responsiveness."


Owner, The Painted Dragonfly
"I appreciate Lisa and how responsive she has been to all my questions. She has been easy to work with and her commitment to Nolensville is readily apparent."


Nolensville Resident,
"My support for a candidate is based first and foremost on the integrity and honesty of the person. Someone who is willing to listen to our concerns, both pro and con, then votes for an issue based on the best interest for Nolensville. Lisa Garramone checks all of these boxes and more."


Owner, Birdie's Restaurant
“Nolensville is in a critical stage of its growth, and Lisa has provided the right balance between protecting what we all love about this town, while also allowing us to responsibly expand and reach our potential. And more importantly, she sincerely cares about this town and the people living here….no matter how difficult we can be!”


Nolensville Resident
"Lisa has been the one constant commissioner that always keeps an open mind. She takes time to explain her positions and doesn’t disregard opinions that are different than hers. I’ve enjoyed watching her work with our staff and industry expert coming up with the right solutions, and not just her preferences. Lisa has brought constant professionalism along with her unique care for the people she serves.”
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